Sunday, 4 September 2011

Freebies for newbies: Evie's Closet

The seasons change, time passes, and brings us many regrets... and just one is that as an avatar over 30 days old, I can no longer avail of the fab gift for newbies at Evie's Closet!

Hopefully this post might be useful in alerting someone, because this is one deluxe package, starting with the green faery silks.

Check out the beautiful Elven metalwork of the belt:

There's also a cute faery dress (Isabella in teal) with wings:

For the more formal occasions in your faery life, the Sayige gown in violet and white is indicated:

Not forgetting the well-known faery essential: a tee and sweat pants.

Grab the gift in-world - if you're under 30 days old, that is.

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