Saturday, 3 September 2011

Soedara - Exotic Sang Penari red silks

Soedara might just be my favourite new silks store. In fact, I just can't go there without getting a bad case of the ME WANTS.


Well, Marbella Pronovost, Soedara owner and designer, creates some of the most distinctive pieces out there.

Her designs are based around beautiful gems and jewels, but she's no slouch when it comes to a stunning texture or two, as latest creation Exotic Sang Penari shows.
The silks (skirt, jewls and prim coin top are 325L) and the PG clothing layer top (sold separately) is 99L.
Without the PG top, the silks are *quite* the risque option:
It's worth a trip to the store, as  there's usually some fun freebies out, such as these earrings.
At first, given my non-standard avatar shape, I thought I was going to have nightmare editing Soedara pieces. But no... only minor adjustments were needed! What a relief!

There's no need to worry though... if your editing skills are limited (like mine!) and you screw up big time, simply send Marbella your cack-handed efforts, and she'll swap your disastrous attempts for a new piece.

Just be more careful next time, ok?

Hair - La La La from Clawtooth
Skin - Tahalia from Curvalicious
Shape - Gift from Seraphim HQ

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