Friday, 23 September 2011

Shack - brand new Coin silks

These opulent Coin Girl silks are the latest release from Shack.

They seem an interesting take on Coin Girl outfitting... very luxurious for a girl who's been sent out on the streets!

Well, maybe that's not the intent behind these silks. The official release notecard says "Shimmy your way over to masters lap in coin girl and show him your body adorned by small jingly gold coins."

The set includes long and short prim silk skirts. What's really nice about the skirts is they appear to combine two layers - a silk base and an overlay of 'coins'.

There's a shirt layer top, jacket layer coin decoration, armbands and a prim belt.

I did try to shrink the belt, but didn't have any luck with it. However, it doesn't seem to be no mod, so perhaps it's a case of user error... I'll have another go later ;)

Shack had the lemon colourway on the discounted new release board so I grabbed it too. If you're very, very quick, the offer might still be on.

And of course, as it's Shack, there's a very naughty option for wearing these silks.

(Those pasties are seeing a lot of use!)

395L, but group members can get a 15% rebate at the special vendor today, Friday.

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