Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Second Moon - Jewel of the Vosk camisk

 Wow - it's not often you see a camisk as lovely as this one.

This is Jewel of the Vosk in Mistic - the latest creation from Second Moon.

It's been out a little while now, and although I don't usually wear camisks, I couldn't resist this.

(In fact, instead of reviewing any of the huge pile of new silks in my inventory, I dashed out to buy this!)

The textures and detailing are really truly beautiful - the tunic features a lovely, delicate interplay of lavender, grey and aqua shades.

It can also be worn semi-bare or bare.

This stunning camisk is also available in green, and would also be ideal for fairies.

Pick it up at the in-world store for 490L.

Skin & Shape: Monica from Tuty's
Hair: Maya from D!va (group gift)

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