Monday, 5 September 2011

The Shack - Victoria silks

Aargh! I can't have been getting new notices from Shack, because this new arrival came upon me as a complete surprise.

I was down in their silks store to grab an SLURL for you (the trouble I go to!) and this little stunner caught my eye:
Meet Victoria. She's a bit of a vixen.
There are three skirt options, so you can choose how covered you want to be when you're dancing up a storm.

As always, there's a range of colours, as as the set is priced at 295L, I decided to treat myself. After all, a girl must always appear fresh to her Master's eyes...
Find the silks on the marketplace.

Above, the silks in lagoon, and below, in (periwinkle) blue.

And of course, as it's Shack, there's a naughty non-PG option:

See? I told you she was a vixen.

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