Thursday, 8 September 2011

Soedara - brand new Dancer of Glorious Ar silks

Marbella seems to be on a roll! There's a bunch of new stuff over at Soedara, but what caught my eye were these lovely Dancer of Glorious Ar silks.

There are two colour themes in the range, one is the 'fairy' theme, featuring graduated colours and glows, while the other consists of 'traditional' coloured silks.

The 'Fairy Dream' blue silks are dazzling:

The silks have some gorgeous details, including coin edging and glowing feathers (on the fairy line).
Still... for sheer seductive power, try the traditional red. (The heart pasties are a freebie from Beautiful Dirty Rich.)
The set includes a sculpted top, resize-scripted skirt, and some truly opulent bangles.

The silks are priced 398L and there's a total of 12 colours - also available on the marketplace.

Skin - Elle from Belleza (group gift)
Shape - Melody from Not Button's
Hair - Cate from Truth

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