Monday, 12 September 2011

Second Moon- Mirror Cage mix'n'match

I had the great pleasure of speaking to MoonRiver Darcy at the 1,001 Nights exhibition... Many of you will know MoonRiver as the designer of the truly covetable Second Moon range.

If you know Second Moon silks, you'll know that Ms Darcy often creates a whole range of outfits featuring the same design - for instance the beautiful Crimson Moon series.

When I expressed an interest in 'megapacks' of these ranges, she pointed me in the direction of the Mirror Cage set, which does come in a 'mix'n'match' pack. Naturally, I couldn't resist...

The set contains 4 packages:

- Mirror Cage Chalwar
- Mirror Cage Silks
- Mirror Cage Tribal Cloak
- Mirror Cage Bracelets and Bangles (gold)

The whole thing will set you back 1,490L.

(All the component outfits are available individually, but naturally, you do save some Ls buying all together!)

The Chalwar (above) is perfect for Tahari girls... or days when you're feeling a bit more demure or tomboyish!

The harem pants are beautifully executed -  a lot of designers don't get them quite right, but MoonRiver has done a superb job.

The cloak moves beautifully, as all MoonRiver's creations do...

... and it makes a perfect counterpoint to the barely-there silks.

Of course, my favourite option is to wear (almost) everything at once:

The one thing I'd say is missing from this set is the option of a longer, flexi silks skirt. Let's hope it's on Moon's 'to do' list!

(I don't want to give too much away here, but she had some exciting news about future developments, and there should be some new outfits before the end of the year. For those of you who love black, there should be something exquisite along soon...)

As well as being a hugely talented designer, she's also a generous spirit, as her store has one of the best lucky chairs around, with some of her finest creations on it.

Not only that, but she is the founder of the Gorean Lucky Chairs Alerts group, helping you to score yet more free silks.

So, I definitely recommend you wander down to the Second Moon main store, and hopefully your letter will come up!

Skin: Tulip from Natural Beauty
Hair: Winny from A&A

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