Monday, 19 September 2011

Siryelle's Dreams - Silky Laetitia red outfit

Siryelle Yalin may be best known for her amazing furniture range, Tempura Decors, but her fashion line Siryelle's Dreams is going from strength to strength.

Although she's not strictly speaking a silks designer, she has made some outfits that dancing girls would feel perfectly at home in.

One of these is the glamorous Silky Laetitia outfit.

Pretty cute, no?

Available from the marketplace for 350L. The outfit also comes in colours black, gold and purple.

Please do visit Tempura Decors in-world, as the store is an absolute treat, and the gardens outside are positively dreamy.

Siryelle is also very generous with group gifts - there are currently two outfits (check downstairs!) and a garden lamp on offer.

(Oh, and if you don't have at least 10 of those fabulous 1L snowing Christmas trees, you need to sort that out right now.)

Hair: Angel from Ava-Tare
Jewelry: Nizam set from Zaara (home made anklets!)

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