Friday, 9 September 2011

Black mood at Shack II - Delight silks

The stunning 'Delight' silks are another recent Shack release, currently on the group discount vendor.

I'm not sure if they actually *have* a PG version... so let's start with some careful cropping.

 As you can see, they're beautifully detailed. 

If maybe a tad bare. (As if that would ever put you off!)

 Well, the silks can be worn two ways. The first offers minimal coverage, wearing just the decorations on the jacket layer.

You can also 'cover' (hah!) up with the camisk on a shirt layer... but emmm... it's still not an outfit for shrinking violets.

Of course you know that flimsy sliver of silk chiffon serves only to provoke...

Well, if you think you can stand the heat, rush down to Shack while they're still on offer for a discounted price (15% off) from the group vendor outside the silks store.

Important: Make sure you're wearing your group tag, and buy from the special vendor.  Discount applies Friday only.

They're priced at 495L, but you'll be refunded 74L.


Skin and Shape - Natalia from Tuty's
Hair - Erika from Truth

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