Wednesday, 2 November 2011

FallnAngel Creations - silks/dress, kimono and sari/lehenga on midnight mania

There are some amazing prizes, just put out last night, on the November MM boards at FallnAngel Creations.

I love this outfit, which can be worn in many different ways,  including as silks. You'll have so much fun with it!
Falln 'Aeris' outfit orange
It's got several skirt options, two top options, a corset, and net gloves and stockings. Pictured above is with 'everything on'.

Here it is with skirt and top only...

...and with silks skirt, side skirts, and naughty top!
Here's your link to the board for this outfit.

There's a beautiful kimono on the Asian floor - board is here, picture is below.
Falln kimono 'Golden Travels'
It's a truly lovely design - unfortunately, my photography skills just don't do it justice.

There's also a a lehenga choli / sari outfit on offer - board is here.
Falln lehenga choi 'Jhalaka Reta'
There's also an option to wear it with a flared skirt, not shown here.

Plenty more boards round the FallnAngel sims, not all locked last night.

The boards at Falln are all /100, and don't always lock. Your best chance is early in the month, so get down there soon, and get ready to call your friends and relevant groups for some support.

Best of luck with your slaps!

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