Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Quality designs - Shanaya silks

I saw this silk on the marketplace the other day and thought "hmmm, that looks nice".

Then I went to the store, and thought 'wow'!

Quality designs specialise in medieval and celtic clothing, so you'll find lots of gowns and other outfits. I was very impressed and there are definitely a couple of outfits calling me back.

In the meantime, here's one of their newest offerings, the Shanaya silk.

This silk has a definite wow-factor, coming from the beautiful textures and colour combinations.

[I had to take these photos in kind of a hurry... sadly obvious, I'm afraid :) ]

The deep green is refreshing different, but it's also available in white and deep red.

This yummy outfit will set you back 595Land you can find it in-world or on the Second Life marketplace, whatever suits you best!

Shape: Roos from Dutch Touch
Skin: Mensje from Dutch Touchskin menage special edition
Hair: Husna from Angel

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