Friday, 4 November 2011

Gorean Room - outfits from Old World and May's Soul

I picked up a couple of cute outfits in the Gorean Room designer outlet a couple of days ago - only 70L each.

It's always nice when you can shop without hurting your Linden balance too much!
Old World - Rustic Girl
First up is Rustic Girl from Katrina Kristan at Old World.

A teasing gypsy-inspired outfit... as you can see the (prim) top is on the verge of falling down, with no visible means of support!

Next is the Ashanti outfit from May's Soul... what's really great about this is the number of options you get in one pack.
May's Soul - Ashanti
You can wear the top with or without silks, and you have a choice of green or pink silks.

Yes, that's right - pink and green are all in one pack, so don't do like me and buy it twice. DOH!

Skin - Fair skin A1(hunt prize) from DQ skins
Shape - Modish (modified) from Lory Forky
Hair - Camellia from Laqroki (freebie)

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