Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Second Moon - Mirror Cage II mix'n'match

It was like all my Christmases come at once when this little beauty popped up in my inventory, courtesy of Moonriver Darcy!

You possibly already know the original Mirror Cage set - well, Moonriver has re-invented it in enchanting shades of green and aqua, paired with silver accessories.

The pack contains cloak, silks and chalwar, plus tons of jewels. I won't attempt to list all the items, but you'll have enough to play with to while away a few rainy days!

I've just put together a few quick combinations in these phtos
The Mix and match pack is 1040L, or if you buy separately, the cloak is 300L, tribal silks 440L, chalwar 500L.

Trust me, you might as well buy the mix'n'match if you can afford it at all... you won't regret it!
Only available at the in-world store at the moment.

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