Friday, 4 November 2011

SALE! 50% off at Evie's Closet

Evangeline Miles, of Evie's Closet, is all busy this weekend, so she's put almost everything in her store at half price!

So a great opportunity if you need to stock up on gorgeous outfits - whether gowns, fairy outfits and silks, or jewelry - for your RP. (And who doesn't need that!)

There are some exclusions in the sale - gowns in the weddings section, kids clothes, newest releases, and the vintage section (where everything is under 150L anyway).

Naturally, I went shopping. Pics, names and prices below.
Melusine gown - now 300L

Lyric fairy outfit - now 175L
Tatjana silks - now175L
Alatariel crown and collar set - 60L
Off you go to the in-world store for some bargains!

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