Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Free silks - new Soedara group gift gold silk

Another group gift from Soedara! Just a couple of quick shots before you run down to grab your copy (there was some stampede earlier, I can tell you).

The set inlcudes a PG top and silks skirt in beige-gold textures.

I've added in some random underpants to preserve modesty because Marbella is the Queen of Naughty!

A closer look at the top -
Here's your link. Off you go!

Update: This is now a dollarbie in the Soedara freebie and cheapies section

Shape - Marianne from Pekka
Skin - Juna from Sorry.Asia
Make-up - Megan lipstick from Dutch Touch
Hair - Nicole from Secrets

1 comment:

  1. I am speechless Adora ...so wonderful selection of silks and pictures...To follow your blog has becoem my favorite passion....
    Many thanks