Sunday, 20 November 2011

Soedara - Goddess Nyx silks

Nyx, the Greek goddess of night, is an elusive figure in mythology, but considered "a figure of exceptional power and beauty".

Any girl wanting to pay tribute to the mysterious night and to steal a little of that magic for herself could do worse than take a look at Sodeara's Nyx silks.

(Dodgy pasties are my photoshopping, they don't come with the silk!!)

The silk comes with two skirt options, pictured above is the 'rich' option, a fuller skirt which would be suitable for bellydancers.

Below is the 'modest' version, which ironically, flashes a lot more flesh :)

There are also two head jewels, so you can choose to be with or without the slave veil (veil show in picture below).
As the silks are laden with jewels and precious metals, they'd be perfect for a priestess or the girl belonging to a well-to-do Master.

350L in-world or on the marketplace.

Shape and skin - Nevaeh by Essences for The Fashion Garret
Hair: Tabitha from Exilke for The Dressing Room Blue

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