Thursday, 10 November 2011

Second moon - Exquisite Beauty lehenga choli

This outfit isn't new... it's just another one of Moonriver Darcy's stunning creations!

This beautiful black and gold lehenga is part of Moonriver's Exquisite Beauty line, all of which use the same textures.

(Wikipedia explains that the gagra or lehenga choli is the traditional clothing of Rajasthan and Gujarat... choli is the top, lehenga the skirt, and the shoulder drape is a dupatta.)

The lehenga pack includes top, full skirt, shoulder drape, anklets, bracelets, armbands and slippers. Prim parts include resize scripts.
There are also modesty layers available - sold separately - so you can turn the outfit into a Free Woman gown.

Also available in the Exquisite Beauty line are silks, and I seem to have heard a rumour there may be a chalwar in the works, but don't quote me on that...

Available in-world for 590L.(For an outfit this gorgeous, that's a bargain!)

Hair: Lale from Emo-tions

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