Saturday, 12 November 2011

Tian Xia Hui - HuoDie Chinese outfit

What I love about Tian Xia Hu's roleplay oufits is that they're so much FUN.

Take the HuoDie outfit for instance -which is part the the 60L weekend sales today and tomorrow - it's super-sassy and ridiculously cute.

You've got fur and boots to keep you warm... and plenty of skin on show means everyone will feel the heat!

There's a lot of detail in the this outfit - frilled cuffs, sleeves flared top and bottom, and fur trims on everything.

But miraculously, you don't need to spend forever fiddling with prims - it seems to have fitted right out of box.
You can also strip the outfit back, and you'll come up with something like a kirtle or a cosy set of silks... with an oriental twist. The top would work as part of a casual look with jeans, too.
Is it too soon to say 'Sexy Santa'?!

Here's your taxi to the in-world store.

Hair: Ling from Ava-Tare

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