Saturday, 12 November 2011

Soedara - Dancer of 3 Moons white seduction silk (50% off!)

Another fantastic silk from Marbella Pronovost of Soedara - and thewhite set is half price for a short time only.

The silk may be white and unpatterened... but it's about as far from plain as you can get!

The set includes a skirt and veil, and the most amazing jewels - choker, armbands, diadem and waist belt.

In white, the skirt appears like a mille-feuille of chiffons... fancy ;)
Here's a closer look at the waist belt:
Now 165L instead of usual 325L.

Be quick - vendor is out here - but the sale might only last a couple of days!

Hair: Aisha from Maitreya
Pasties: Marketplace freebie from Beautiful Dirty Rich

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