Monday, 28 November 2011

Free silks - Blossom freebie and midnight mania

Moor Ravenheart, designer of *Blossom* has left a really nice freebie out at her Isle of Tyros store.

It's an adult sim though, so if you haven't sorted your age verification, you might not be able to gain access.

 See? Really nice! The silks are a lovely green magenta bi-colour, and come with some pretty gold chains around the top, armlets and skirt belt.

Also up for grabs, on the Midnight Mania board,are the Xanadu silks in green (pictured below). The board is /10, so there's a chance it will be already locked when you get there.

On the other hand, if it isn't full, it should be easy to round up enough friends to lock it!

Run down to the store to grab your copy of the free silks.

Shape - Yvette from Sophistishapes
Skin - Kalia from Felony (50L special edition)
Hair - Magdalena from Emo-tions

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