Sunday, 27 November 2011

Soedara - Triumph of Ariadne silks line

More Amazing new releases from Soedara - the Triumph of Ariadne range features three kids of silks and a Gorean sirik.

(I'm going to skip over the sirik because this is silks girl, not chains girl, blog!)

I hope you're better at making decisions than I am, because you're going to have to make a lot of them!
Silver Coins & Silks Golden - rich skirt

As usual, you're going to have to decide which colour. That's a given.

But then, do you want your silks to feature gemstones, or coins?
Stones & Silks Blue
If you want coins, hmm, well, gold or silver?!
Stones & Silks Purple
Then there's two kinds of collars included with each set, and two kinds of skirt.

So, are you going to wear the 'rich' look (that's the full skirt)?
Stones & Silks Purple
Or will it 'modest'?  (That's modest as in 'austere', not as in 'demure'... there's very little in this skirt to preserve your modesty!)
Silver Coins & Silks Golden - modest skirt
399L - find the full range on the marketplace or in-world at the Soedara store.

Hair - Audrey from Truth  
Shape - Clarisse from Sophistishpaes  
Skin - Gio from Glam Affair
Pasties - Marketplace freebie from Beautiful Dirty Rich

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