Monday, 30 January 2012

Silk & Passion - 10L sale on camisks

If you missed the silks sale at Silk & Passion, too bad, but this week you can have your pick from the camisks pagoda for only 10L.

Here's a quick pic of a set I picked up - the spring-themed Danuza set, in apple green and decorated with daisies.
Yes, that's right, I restrained myself to only one outfit this shopping trip - cos I'm less of a camisk girl and more of a silks girl (.... groan....).

It comes with jacket, shirt and undershirt layer, so you can vary the layer of coverage, plus pants, a skirt with daisy decoration (not shown) and a headband. Also daisy collar, legbands, and anklets.

Girls who wear camisks a lot in their Second Life should consider the Sibeli set - the box includes five colours, and it's tintable. All for 10L!

Later in the week, when the month changes, there might well be a new group gift, so keep an eye out for that.

This link should hopefully take you direct to the camisks at Silk & Passion.

Shape - Milk from Emely Tisane
Skin - Valentines subscribo gift from MONS
Hair - Valeska from Truth

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