Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Cheap gown - and skins - at Cupcakes retirement sale

Medieval ladies on a budget take note! Cupcakes have this 'Time Past' gown  for 5L in their current retirement sale.

There are also lots of skins at low prices before they disappear forever, starting at 25L per individual tone. Full perm skin templates are availabe too for around 750L.

Time Past gown includes two skirts, and the skin worn is one of the 25L offerings.

No idea when the sale will be over, but when it comes to shopping, there's no time like the present, is there?! Have fun!

Slurl to Cupcakes retirement sale

Skin: Hina from Cupcakes
Shape: Jasmin from Anna
Hair: Chloe from Ohmai
Eyes: Espresso (liquid light mesh) from Mayfly
Jewelry: Tink earrings & choker from Kosh

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