Thursday, 25 October 2012

Get your hunt on

Eek! So much shopping to be done at some great events, and some really interesting hunts going on this weekend too... Here are the ones I'll be hoping to fit in this weekend! Not sure I'll get to blog any of the prizes, but here are some brief details so you can get your hunt on.

Headless Tarnsman Hunt
Started 21 October, will run through 3 November
Produced by Gorean Grid Wide Hunts, prizes are 1L
Slurl to start point Wild Talendar

25L Fall Fete Haunted Hunt
Haunted hunt started today, and will run through 31 October.
Prizes are 25L - but they're all brand new releases, and there is a picture of the item on the hunt object (a crate) so you can see what it is before you spend your lindens.
Slurl to 25L Fall Fete sim

FallnAngel Creations brains hunt
Started today, and will run through 2 November.
Prizes are 1L. Watch the FB page (linked above) for some clues.
Slurl to FallnAngel Creations mainstore and the spooky Falln Sanitarium

Shack Spider Hunt
Hunt starts 26 October and will run through the 28th. Prizes are free.
Blue spiders are menswear, green for panther, pink silks, and black for rags. Outfits are halved between two spiders, so you will need 1a and 1b for the full outfit.
Five special golden spiders too.
Split between Shack mainstore location and Forest Port (Gorean BTB roleplay)

These sims will be busy and prone to lag... so to make your own experience, and everyone else's, better, please de-prim and de-script! If you're worried about looking silly, you could always be invisible with an all-over alpha, like this marketplace freebie.

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