Monday, 15 October 2012

Arabella belly dance costume from Wishbox

Okay, I've been slacking - this gorgeous release from Wisp Jinn's Wishbox is a few weeks old, but if you haven't already seen it, you should definitely check it out.
Wishbox - Arabella in shell

Wishbox - Arabella in fuchsia
Wishbox - Arabella in fuchsia
Wishbox - Arabella in foam
Wishbox - Arabella in foam
Wishbox - Arabella in midnight
Wishbox - Arabella in midnight

The outfit is sculpted prims, so your editing skills will be needed. Don't forget to make a copy in case of mistakes or regrets...  In the marketplace listing, Wisp says she no longer includes resize scrips for various reasons, but if you contact her, she will happily pass you some free of charge.

The outfit comes in 12 colours - a mix of soft pastels with beautiful ombre shading and rich, deep tones. Some of the colours have gold coin details and some silver, so if you have strong preference, check closely when buying. In the box, you get a prim top, modesty/glitch top and pants on clothing layers, skirt, belt, anklets and armbands.

If you're thinking of buying more than one colour of the outfit, I strongly, strongly recommend you consider the fatpack if you can stretch to it. They're great value as they come with a huge discount. The only time I didn't buy the fatpack of one of her outfits (I bought two colours of the Cassiopeia silks, I think), I really regretted it!

Arabella is also available for petites - and there's a sexied up 'camisk' line too (I might double-up and blog that too, lols)

Find Arabella on the marketplace or follow the slurl to Wishbox in-world.

Skin: Kumi from Pink Fuel
Shape: Bern shape from Shakeup Shapes
Hair: Willows from Clawtooth
Eyes: Essential basic eyes from Lucifer's heart

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