Saturday, 20 October 2012

Free silks and poses

Say hello to my free alt! She's been helping me experiment with shadows (result: undecided) as well as running round the grid to pick up some cute freebies to showcase here.

Before October comes to an end, you might like to make like her and grab this cute bellydance/silks outfit from Creative Chaos, and the Olyvia pose set from Diesel Works - both are monthly gifts for October.  The silks are a group gift, but the poses are free for anyone to pick up.

And the other wearables? Skin and shape are previous group gifts from Filthy (joined when group was free; there's currently a join fee, but you get a skin and shape every month so it's worth considering!), the hair is part of the Driven Snow set freebie from Angelwing.

If your free alt is getting jealous, send 'em over to check out the Silks Girl freebies page - it will be thoroughly updated for slurls and so on over the next couple of days.

Slurl to Diesel Works
Slurl to Creative Chaos

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