Sunday, 14 October 2012

Cute lil' cheapie - wearable demo corset from DragansVarg

I stumbled across this promo corset on the marketplace the other day. It's a wearable mesh demo from fantasy outfitters DragansVarg, and you get two versions of the corset in six sizes, plus alpha, plus a shape, for 10L. The full-priced corsets in this line are 250L so it's quite a deal!

I couldn't resist pulling together an autumnal outfit around it...

Milicent corset wearable demo on marketplace

Skin: Airhead from Curio (not currently available)
Shape: Jasmine from Curio (not currently available)
Hair: Darling Nikki from Exiles
Eyes: Mayfly
Skirt: Winter Dreams from On a Lark
Corset: Milicent from DragansVarg
Scarf: Part of Miss Bourgeousie outfit from Junbug
Top: Neo-Romantic blouse from Fishy Strawberry
Armwarmers: Venomous armwarmers from The.Plastik

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