Sunday, 14 October 2012

Metamorphosis: Mermaid

For the journey, her sisters plundered their treasure chests and bedecked her in the finest jewels and apparel: paua shells, labradorite, and precious metals.

Her gown is the very essence of the ocean, woven and crafted with mystery and magic. In its shimmering skirts are the greens and blues of sunlight on calm sea, in its bodice, the greys and silvers of cruel winter storms and moonlight upon the rocks.
The White Armory - Seraphim Aquatica gown

She emerges from the ocean as the sun rises and pauses a moment, unsteady on her new feet. Suddenly, a gasp escapes her tender lips and she calls to mind the sea witch's warning: "every step you take will feel like walking on knives".

Change is painful.

Her skin too, is transforming. The last of the scales which covered her body fade and recede, leaving just traces of their iridescence upon her brow. Even these will disappear.

Bravely she faces forward to her new life in the world above. She is filled with a brittle exhilaration, but regretful also.  Behind her, below the surface of the cresting waves, lies everything she knows. She has left her beloved family, the friend fishes she swam amongst, her coral garden. Before her… uncertainty. And, perhaps in her deepest heart, she already knows her story cannot have a happy ending.

For love, love that is real and true, would never demand that we become what we are not.

Photo above was my entry for The White Armory's fall photo contest, themed Metamorphosis. There are lots of wonderful photos of gorgeous TWA creations on display; go check them out!

Gown: Seraphim Aquatica from The White Armory
Skin: Aleria from The.Plastik
Shape: Self-made
Hair: Lost in Wonderland from Exile
Eyes: Sea Green Shadow (Liquid Light)from Mayfly
Earrings, necklace, bracelet: Neisha from Earthstones
Long necklace & ring: Auna from Kosh
Forehead tattoo: Included in Lumina Nymph outfit from Evie's Closet

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