Tuesday, 23 October 2012

25L Fall Fete: Roawenwood

Many thanks to the wild girls of the Village of Gimli who were very welcoming and tolerant as I took photos, even while I was floating around their sim going 'whoooo whoooo I'm a ghostie'* in a most un-Gorean manner. Remarkably, by the end of my visit there was neither collar round my neck nor arrow in my butt, for which I am most grateful.

Perhaps the fact that I was looking fierce, as Tyra would say, in the Esmeralda female outlaw outfit helped my cause (after the jump). Special thanks also to buttons, the Sa di Sani first girl (aka Freya Umia), who helped me demo some furnitures!

*Not really. There are limits.
Roawenwood - Grungy Ghost Costume set (25L)

Adora wears Esmerelda mesh outfit, Freya sits on Quilted Slave Perch Set set (both 100L, donation to Kiva items);
also in pic Hidey Hole Barrels (25L) - just click to instantly hide inside!
Wearing Esmerelda mesh outfit (100L, donation to Kiva item); sitting on Autumn Pumpkin Poof set (25L);
in background, Autumn Pumpkins Shed set (25L)
Fall Fete runs till the 31st October and there'll be 25L special offers, a 25L sim-wide hunt for brand new releases, fashion shows, and on the last day you can go trick-a-treating for gifts. More info here or on the official blog.

Slurl to 25L Fall Fete 2012
(Please de-script and de-prim as much as possible to help lessen lag)

Skin: Isla from League
Shape: Bajka from Belissima (Fall Fete item)

Hair: Zoey from Wasabi Pills
Eyes: Green (realistic nature) from Soedara

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