Friday, 5 October 2012

New release day at Shack

New release day at Shack, so you know what that means - half price vendors till midnight SLT and 15% rebate for groupies.

Todays offerings include the gorgeous new Erline silks (half-price colour is the red), the Ruffled camisk (lavender's on offer) and a set of tintable modesty underwear for Free Women.
Shack - Erline silks in pink

Shack - Erline silks in pink

Shack - Erline silks in red

Shack - Erline silks in red

Shack - Ruffled camisk in lavender
Each set of Erline silks includes clothing top and bottom, silks skirt, prim chest chains, plus arm and ankle silks. They're copy-mod; so you can make a back-up and edit away happily, turning off full-bright and glow on the relevant prims if they're not to your taste. (Or making them even glow-ier, if the fairy fancy takes you...)

The Erline silks are usually 595L, but until midnight SL time tonight (Friday 5 Oct) you can grab the red set for 300L. Check out the pastel shades though; they're so beautifully tinted, they're going to be hard to resis

The Ruffled camisk box contains a PG version and a 'worn' version of the clothing layer top and bottoms, and prim ruffles to match. Normally 295L, the lavender set is on the limited vendor.

Slurl to Shack

Skin & shape: October group gift from Filthy (shape modified)
Hair: Blind from Elikatira
Eyes: Molasses (Liquid Light) from Mayfly

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