Monday, 22 October 2012

25L Fall Fete preview: Luas

It's getting late for me... time to finish up this post, schedule it, and turn in! (If anyone ever tells you bloggers are lazy, they are so lying.)

Some fun stuff from Luas for the Fall Fete. Some of the outfits feature different options for wearing, depending on your roleplay needs. I love the adorable 'Roman Girl' outfit, which is perfect for casual mainstream wear as well as roleplay. Incidentally, when changing outfits, I accidentally layered it over 'Rebecca'... and like it. Give it a go ;)

(PS - Skin & shape from Delicious & Belissima Fall Fete showcase again.)
Luas - Ellaria in berry

Luas - Ellaria in berry - worn as a camisk this time
Luas - Roman Girl in blue
Luas - Roman Girl in red
Luas - Rebeca, worn with mesh cardigan and 'no cleavage' shirt
Luas - Rebeca, minus cardigan, plus cleavage!
Luas - Rashida in green (epic side boob)

Fall Fete kicks off tomorrow! The event runs till the 31st and there'll be 25L special offers, a 25L sim-wide hunt for brand new releases, fashion shows, and on the last day you can go trick-a-treating for gifts. More info here or on the official blog.

Skin: Anna (fair sweet) from Delicious
Shape: Elizabet from Belissima
(see both at 25L Fall Fete!)
Hair: Mila from Ploom
Eyes: Lovestory (Vaele Collection) from The Plastik 

**collapses, exhausted**

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