Monday, 29 October 2012

25L Fall Fete: New from On a Lark

25L Tuesday's Fall Fete continues through Wednesday, and tomorrow will see many designers putting out new sale items to help you stretch your Lindens! Don't forget to mark Wednesday in your diary as well, because it'll be trick-or-treat day at the Fete, with some gifts for you dropped into cauldrons by the designers.

Some of the upcoming new releases that I absolutely love are the Pashmina Dresses and the Pashmina Scarves from On a Lark. They're sold separately and are both available in nine colours, giving you the freedom to decide if you want to contrast or co-ordinate colours.  Both items share the same art noveau- inspired print, it just makes me think of the famous 1970s (and recently re-launched) London label, Biba.

I'm so going to be there tomorrow to grab this outfit in more colours! (But do feel free to elbow me out of the way if I'm drooling over it too long.)

On a Lark - Pashmina Dress in steel

On a Lark - Pashmina Dress, Pashmina Scarf in steel
Mysterious veil in snow

The Pashmina Dress includes mesh skirt in various sizes, alpha, two clothing layer tops (colour + black), prim sleeves, rope belt, plus veil.

Another of the OAL new releases will be two packs of the Mysterious veil (I wore 'snow' in the second picture above) - one is natural shades, and the other jewel tones. Each pack contains five veil

 Slurl to 25L Fall Fete 2012

Skin: Skin of the Sunday 31 from My Uglydorothy
Shape: Emma (mesh ready) from Body Doubles

Hair (inc headband): Lucia from Truth
Eyes: Sea Green Shadow (liquid light) from Mayfly

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  1. But sheer veils are for slaves, not for free women. In books, sheer veils are worn by slaves in the Tahari, or as a mockery by Southern slaves.

    In some BTB sims where RPers are well aware of the Gorean customs regarding the veils, a FW wearing a sheer one could be in troubles. But usually, it means rather than the RPer didnt read a book and doesnt know well the role.

    Ironic enough, this veil that doesnt hide the woman's face is called "mysterious"... Where is the mystery, when the face is not hidden?