Saturday, 20 October 2012

Free camisks from Sirens at Port Haifa

Omgah, more freebies!  This time, it's a couple of camisks from Sirens, Draelle Chandler's line, previously known as Silks of the Siren.

Sirens are featured merchant at Port Haifa, and they've put out these camisks as gifts. I've no idea how much longer they'll be out for - they're merchant of the week, but I don't know when the week started. Better not take a chance if you want them...

Oh, even though they're camisks, I couldn't resist dressing up as a fae. (Skin and wings are free too.)
Sirens - Tempered camisk set in violet (mesh)

Sirens - Serenity in white
Well that last set might indeed more properly be termed lingerie, but it's cute, and it's free, so I think we needn't complain!

Slurl to Port Haifa
Slurl to Kooqla
Slurl to Wishbox

Skin - Cherie from Kooqla (group gift for Avenue Magazine Readers)
Shape - Paula from Belissima
Hair - Away from Elikatira
Eyes - Tropical Blue (deep sky) from Mayfly
Wings - Dusk wings (free gift) from Wishbox

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