Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Second Moon - Desert Dusk silks

Desert Dusk is a recent release from Second Moon... and Moonriver Darcy has placed it in store lucky chair for a few days. Isn't that wonderfully generous?

Lots of pictures to follow. I took about 30, and quite a few of them turned out quite nice... unusually I didn't have all sorts of stray prims sticking through my avatar or other photographic disasters. So, as I'm unable to discriminate among my photos, I put them all up.

Please forgive if it gets a bit repetitive!

Going to keep the text fairly short tonight, to make up for the onslaught of visuals ;)

The set includes a total of five skirts - there are three styles, two of which have additional PG versions incorporating a modesty panel. There's also a set of decorative 'pendants' which can be added to four of the skirts (the fifth includes the pendants already), increasing your options even further.

The top is a bit simpler - just one, it comes on shirt clothing layer, and there's a matching chest chains prim.

Also included are anklets, bangles, bracelet, and a half-belly chain.

If you don't have the time or patience for the lucky chair, or you've missed your chance, you can buy these silks in-world for 590L.

Slurl to Second Moon

Skin & shape: Gong from Tuty's
Hair: Gloria from Wasabi Pills
Eyes: Soedara

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