Wednesday, 24 October 2012

25L Fall Fete: Sweet Kajira

Bronte Denja has really hit the spot with her 'Dama Inara' gown, available at this year's 25L Fall Fete for a very special price.

You can wear to conceal every inch of flesh and be the perfectly prim and proper Gorean Free Woman, or if you RP medieval or fantasy, drop a layer to reveal a hint of your feminine charms! But it's the little details which are the most attractive aspects to this gown - the puff sleeves are just delightful, and the gold accents enliven the sober gray.

Slave girls aren't forgotten of course, as she also offers the rather skimpy Coral camisk... picture after the jump.
Sweet Kajira - Dama Inara gown in grey

Sweet Kajira - Dama Inara gown in grey

Sweet Kajira - Coral camisk

 Slurl to 25L Fall Fete 2012
(Please de-script and de-prim as much as possible to help lessen lag)
Shape: Elizabet from Belissima (25L Fall Fete special)
Skin: Ulika from Mother Goose (lucky board prize)
Hair: Breathe from Elikatira
Eyes: Medium Onyx (Deep sky) from Mayfly

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