Sunday, 7 October 2012

Caverna Obscura - Sylph silks

There've been some really exciting new releases lately, and one of them is this gorgeous offering from Elvina Ewing's Caverna Obscura store.

In esoteric lore, sylphs were spirits of the air, so the diaphanous fabrics and decorative feather are perfectly suited. It's a great outfit for bellydancers, kajirae, fae, elementals, maybe even for kokarri of Mystara!

Important: the outfit includes a rigged mesh corset (plus alpha) in one size only. So be sure to try the demo and make sure you're happy with the fit or any tweaks you might need to make to your shape.

In the last photo, I dispensed with the corset and added a thong from another outfit (Solange's Heat silks) to see how the outfit would work as a more traditional set of dancing silks (quite well, IMO). The thong included with Sylph is strictly for modesty purposes only as it doesn't have any sides to it! But, you're bound to have something already in your inventory that you can team it with, should you want to wear it without the corset.

If you look closely, you can also catch a glimpse of the bonus alternate clothing layer top in this shot. 

Anyway, there's lots of stuff in the box. Mesh components include the corset, corset jewels, sleeves (with or without armbands), and arm jewels. Then there's an alpha for the corset, two clothing layer tops, a modesty thong, prim armbands, bracelets and legbands.

It comes in four highly covetable colours (if there'd been a fatpack, I'd so have bought it), but Passion (red) was my preference at the moment of purchase. It's also available with gold, black or white silks (the corset remains the same).

Sylph costs 595L and you can find it on the marketplace or follow the slurl to the in-world Caverna Obscura store. But don't forget that demo!

Shape: Gong from Tuty's (heavily modified)
Skin: Alyona from Essences (The Dressing Room promotion)
Lipstick: Izzie's
Eyes: Deep Honey Hazel (Deep Sky) from Mayfly
Hair: Amandine from Wasabi Pills
Additional item: Part of Heat silks (ruby/gold) from Solange

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