Tuesday, 23 October 2012

25L Fall Fete: Kei-Spot

Uh-oh, thrown out into the bitter cold to live with the pigs? Someone's been a very, very bad girl.
Kei-Spot: Wearing the Paint Splatter camisk at the Pig & Slave Trough

What did you do? Take Master's expensive oil paints and play with them? Did you leave the tubes uncapped and let the paint dry out? (They're useless now, you stupid girl.) Make a mess all over the place, so now there's oil paint footprints throughout the cabin?
Kei-Spot: Wearing the Paint Splatter camisk,  Pig & Slave Trough in the background
Well, never mind. You're usually a good girl. Perhaps if you work really hard and clean up all the mess, maybe, just maybe, Master will catch a glimpse of your paint-splattered butt and decide to use some of the X-rated anims that come with Kei-Spot's 'Dirty Dirty Floor Chore' set!

Fall Fete runs till the 31st October and there'll be 25L special offers, a 25L sim-wide hunt for brand new releases, fashion shows, and on the last day you can go trick-a-treating for gifts. More info here or on the official blog.

Slurl to 25L Fall Fete 2012
(Please de-script and de-prim as much as possible to help lessen lag)

Skin: Isla from League
Shape: Bajka from Belissima (Fall Fete item)

Hair: Zoey from Wasabi Pills
Eyes: Green (realistic nature) from Soedara

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