Monday, 8 October 2012

Free silks at Elvenbreath, free group gift skin at Delicious

I was reading some blogs and somehow came across the startling news that Elvenbreath was closing (nooooooooooo!). Well I rushed over as soon as I found out (partly to see if the 'closing sale' was still on) and it turned out they were only closed for a week. Phew.

The sale's over... but if you go bobbing for apples you could pick up these free Fanaion silks... and more!

Oh, the skin and shape in the pics are freebies too, a group gift to celebrate the new skin store opening at Delicious.

If you find the 'secret attic' (it's not that secret really) you could find even more freebies. There are three boxes (it says gift for newbies but anyone can take) each with 3 or 4 items in. I haven't got round to unpacking it yet but it's likely to include gowns, silks, or various other fantasy outfits.

The attic also holds various 25L and 50L offers, including some super stuff for Petites.

The skin and shape (Xarise sunkissed) are brand new from Delicious and they've just been put out as a group gift to celebrate the skin store's opening.. If you head over to take a look, don't forget the group gifts, right next door to the skin store. The Delicious silks store across the way houses two lucky chairs and two MM boards, so have a peek at those also.

Slurl to Elvenbreath
Slurl to skin store at Delicious

Skin & Shape: Xarise from Delicious
Hair: Lady Luck from Clawtooth
Eyes: Amber Pitch (Deep Sky) from Mayfly

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