Sunday, 29 January 2012

Weekend special at Montagne Noire - Le Peignoir Victorian gown

Better be quick if you want to snag this weekend special - you only have about 14 hours left to avail of it!

While the outfit is intended as nightwear, as shown buy the animated candle and the sleep cap, you could certainly get away with it for day.
As you're well covered up, the addition of a veil would make it suitable for Gorean Free Women too.
You can also wear it as saucy Victorian pantaloon undies.
Special offer only available at the Montagne Noire store at the Rag Dollz sim.

While you're down there, check out the Montagne Noire group gift, La Vie en Ville, and the various opening presents left around the new Rag Dollz store!

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