Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Free silks - Midnight Mania at Enchanted Silks

Enchanted Silks are lots of fun - there's usually lots of pieces and option to play with, and I really like Ms Buffie's style... Her silks usually feature the most amazingly delicate primwork, like precious strands of gold and silver wire.

The current Midnight Mania prize  -Flavia Silks in Blue - has some of these features. Check the silks belt and the headband or veil.
You can choose between sheer or opaque top and bottom, or you have the option of a 'ripped' style top too.

There's two skirt options also - more or less full.
The Midnight Mania is out of /25, but it's a low traffic sim so might need to call some groups as well as all your friends!

Don't forget to slap the Mini Mania also (it's /10) and check out the silks which start from 50L.

Find everything at the Enchanted Silks store in Second Life.


Shape and Skin - Both from By Snow, 10L each
Make-up - Bluejay from L.Fauna
Hair - Tara from Amacci

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