Thursday, 19 January 2012

Free silks, gown/dress and panther outfit - Mini Mania at Vigo

Some great Mini Mania boards at Vigo - with prizes for slave, free woman, and panther. So with a little persistence and a few repeat visits, you could bag yourself a nice haul.

There's also a male outfit, but that's beyond the scope of this blog (meaning: I'm too lazy to sort out a male avie!)

First up are the very pretty and extremely sheer Courtesan silks.
Usefully, the nipple flowers and top are on separate layers so you can keep it PG or not, as you prefer. There's two skirt lengths - pictured here is longer version.

Free women or medieval girls can grab the Angel outfit. Not sure whether to call this a gown or a dress - it's not fancy, that's for sure! More wench than princess.
Angel in old rose
I had some problems trying to fit the skirt, but it's just occurred to me know, maybe this shape has a little more junk than is usual! Note to self: shrink hips.

The corset comes on clothing layer and two prim parts, so you might need to tweak those too.

Still,  how awesome are the boots, which come with the dress? I love them!
Angel in old rose
There's a board for panther girls too - you get the unpronouncable-looking Qorianka (guessing you'd say it something like 'Kworianka'?!).
Qorianka in tan
Perfect for wild and wary panther girls. The boot texture is convincingly hairy too :)

And, if you even suspect someone's on the verge of giving you some grief, simply flash 'em a glimpse of toned thigh... and bone-handled knife.
Qorianka in tan
So there you go, worth a few slaps... When you get to the Vigo courtyard, check the four lucky boards first, then use the tp boards to scoot your way up to freebies.

Hair - Electra from Amacci
Shape and Skin - Giulia from ABS
Eyes - Fire eyes from Shack

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