Wednesday, 18 January 2012

May's Soul - Lumi camisk

It's not spring yet - not quite yet - but in this cute outfit from May's Soul, it definitely feels like it is. (So, no snow in these pictures!

This pastel camisk is one of the latest designs from May Tolsen and with those flowers and feathers,  it's one for the girly girls.
Lumi - pink
The prim parts feature resizing scripts, so it's nice and easy to fit.
Lumi - blue
Check those fluffy feathers - you can maybe torture someone with tickles... they'll be begging for mercy in no time!

You'll need to position that belt carefully if you want to preserve your modesty, by the way.

The blue is actually my favourite colour - it's the periwinkle flowers I think. I love the attention to detail on the stems - very realistic - and the beads are well executed too.
Lumi - green
The set includes some leather bracelets and choker - both featuring those adorable blooms again.

Another nice thought from May: when you rez your box to unpack it, it's in the shape of one of the flowers!

Available from the May's Soul marketplace store, 200L per colour.

Hair: Sunday Shoelace from Clawtooth
Shape: Tokyo Rose (previous hunt gift) from Ho Wear
Skin: Elora from Style by Kira

Review copies of Lumi kindly provided by May Tolsen of May's Soul

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