Sunday, 15 January 2012

Tian Xia Hui - 60L weekend Ting outfit

I love checking Tian Xia Hui at the weekend to see what they've put out for the 60L sale.

This week, it's the adorable Ting outfit. I must confess, I like it so much, I couldn't bear to leave any of the photos out.
The outfit includes the hair, of which the ornaments are a part, and the cute little shoes.
Because of the Chinese influence, the outfit is refreshing different, but I could see it working in a lot of roleplay situations.
Obviously given those delicate colours, it's an outfit for the ladies and not anyone doing any rough work!
Well today is Sunday, so you know what that means... no more weekend. Get down there quick!
Here's your ride to Tian Xia Hui. Enjoy, and don't forget to check the lucky boards in the courtyard.

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