Thursday, 26 January 2012

Free silks - Midnight Mania at Kirina's Creations

Kirina's Creations currently have the Temptress Harem Silks in cinnamon on the MM board, /75.

They can change the boards up quite frequently though, so I don't know if it will be there much longer!

As always with Kirina's, they give you lots of different options to play with.

For instance, this outfit includes 3 different skirts, and sheer or opaque veil options.

A face veil and choker are also included (but not pictured here) in addition to the armbands, foot jewels, leg band and tiara.
 So lots to play with!

Here's your direct flight to Kirina's Creations.

Hair - Away from Elikatira
Skin - Sointou from Modish (hunt prize)
Shape - Meiko from Cupcakes (modified)
Eyes - Jelly eyes from Cupcakes

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