Saturday, 14 January 2012

30l Saturday - Slave outfits from Damned! and Zibber's Designs

Two more outfits from today's round of 30l sales! This time though, it's a camisk and set of silks.

Usually I'm a bit underwhelmed by camisks, but this is is so pretty... far too cute for any menial chores!
This is Damned!'s Elf camisk, and the soft colours and faded print combine to make it a really sweet little outfit. Can be worn as jacket or shirt + pants. And of course, just for today it's only 30L!


A more exotic look here with the Chinese silks in ruby from Zibber's Designs. Usually they're 150l but today they're part of the 30l offerings.

The set includes armbands, legbands, and a spine- or chest-attached neck chain and tassle, so you can make sure it doesn't accidentally dislodge your collar (ooops!)

The store also has a midnight mania and two lucky boards, so well worth wandering down to give them a bit of a slap!

Zibber's Designs

Hair - Lil from Amacci. Amacci winter sale now on, until 22 January. Color packs are 85L and fatpacks are 275L. Hooray!

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