Saturday, 14 January 2012

30l Saturday - Cute winter outfits from Sweet Poison and On a Lark

A few things stood out today, while doing the 30L rounds... first off a couple of delicious winter-y outfits for your Second Life roleplay!

This Winter Time set from Sweet Poison is ridiculously cute...
The furry muffler, ear muffs and scarf are to die for. The muffler is animated too, so you'll never have to worry about chilblain fingers.

Also comes in tan and brown colours, each 30L, today only. There's also a 'pot girl' slave outfit in the sale.

Sweet Poison

Next up is another amazing versatile outfit from On a Lark - the Snug set. I went for the 'coal' colour - bit of a habit of mine. There's a range of colours available - all in suitably neutral and muted tones, and each only 30l.

This outfit can be worn to suit medieval ladies, huntresses, outlaws, Gorean bondmaids and maybe even panther girls... wow. Lots of pieces to mix and match with your existing wardrobe too.

Taxi ride after the pics.

On a Lark

Hair - Wish from Elikatira
Shape - Part of Anakarina gift from Angelwing
Skin - Megan from Your Skin & Your Shape (group gift)

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