Saturday, 7 January 2012

Gorean Hunt II - silks, camisks, outfits for outlaw and bondmaid

More pics of outfits from the Gorean Hunt, which is in full swing, with all prizes out and ready to be picked up.

Hunt info and some hopefully useful tips and SLurls at the end of the post.

Today's picks include Pucci-inspired silks from Red Hot Ginger, a pink slave tunic from Bina, outlaw and Bond outfits from Claimed, and this cute offering from Floor Candy, one of my favourite stores.
Floor Candy - Master's Old Clothes
Bina - Shandi slave tunic
Red Hot Ginger - Swivel silks
Claimed - Outlaw
Claimed - Bond
Join the Gorean Hunt in-world group and check notices for the store- and hint-list, and to ask for help if you're stuck.

First stop is Freya - while you're there, look out for the freebies and the lucky toilets upstairs.

Note - there are two prizes at Rustic Edge - don't leave without getting them both!

There should still be a 'Gothmas by Gaslight' hunt prize at Red Hot Ginger until Jan 15th, so have a look around on the floor in the store.

As Priory of Roses have moved mid-Hunt, the prize is no longer on the roof, as you'd expect from the hint. Today, it was somewhere pretty obvious, but who knows if it will get moved!

If you have a group space left, Floor Candy have this group gift - and check the group notices for a present sent out on Christmas day, fingers crossed it's still there!

I previously posted some other outfits from the Gorean Hunt here.

Good luck, hunters!

Shape - Lilly from Pestle & Twig (Black Market special)
Skin - Paula from MAAI (XYRoom)
Hair - Famke from Mina (Black Market special)

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