Friday, 27 January 2012

Soedara - Chainmail silks

I just love these new Chainmail silks from Soedara!

At first glance, I wasn't convinced, so I didn't rush to grab them... but once I tried them on, I was a convert.

They come in three shades, the lightest is shown here.

This is 'Chainmail light metal' and it's a silvery colour. The others are 'metal', a mid-tone steely grey,  and 'dark metal', which is almost black.

There's just enough there to give the appearance of respectability.. but really, that top ain't hiding nothing.
Set includes the wonderfully distinctive collar, anklets, armbands, top and of course skirt.

You can find them in-world or on the marketplace, currently priced 325L.
Hair - Tara from Amacci
Skin - Antuanet from Vassnia
Shape - Samantha from BeautyCode
Eyes - Dusted from By Snow

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