Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sale at FallnAngel Creations - selected outfits 50% off (silks, gown & bellydance outfit!)

FallnAngel Creations is pretty much a one-stop shop for all your Second Life roleplay needs, so when they have a sale on you might as well get ready to go shopping!

There's a variety of oufits and accessories on sale, and I've put the direct links to each at the end of the post. (All the outfits are available in a range of colours also.)

Sale continues until 2 February so you have a little bit of time :)

I just grabbed my own personal favourites to show you, which include a bellydance outfit, a gown, and a set of fantasy (rather than gorean) silks.
FallnAngel Creations Taj outfit - 200L on sale
First up is bellydance oufit Taj, which could easily be adopted by a kajira or desert dancing girl.
FallnAngel Creations Taj outfit - 200L on sale
 Textures are beautifully detailed as you can see, and the outfit has options for face veil / headdress / headdress and veil
FallnAngel Creations Taj outfit - 200L on sale
Next up is the Lanalii gown, which comes with a high-necked, long-sleeved bodice in a self-coloured paisley - perfect for Free Women, if you add a veil,

What sets this outfit apart though is the black and gold-embroidered bolero.  It's absolutely gorgeous, and you can match up with lots already in your wardrobe.
FallnAngel Creations Lanalii gown - 275L on sale
Each colour set of the gowns has the black and gold bolero - I thought it looked best on the black gown so that's what I went for!

Finally, I grabbed the very otherworldly Zihera silks.
FallnAngel Creations Zihera silks - 182L on sale
The Zihera silks are definitely for fae or other fantasy being rather than kajira - you can see they have a membrane quality to them, and the back silks are set on the shoulder blades like wings.

Anyway, to make your shopping easier, here are the links - have fun!


Hair: Aquene from A&A

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