Sunday, 22 January 2012

Free silks - Hunt prize at Angelwing

Angelwing are participating in the Where Is The Concert? Hunt which runs  from 20 Jan until 3 Feb

The prize is the Precious Pink silk, perfect for fae or dancing girl.
As you can see, the set includes lots of parts. There are also matching anklets, not shown here, and a whole other box of strippable parts, especially for the kajira!

The set looks pretty fancy from the back too:
The prize isn't too difficult to find - the hint is  'A Winged Green Angel stands facing north-west' and the hunt object looks like a concert ticket.

So, look for an angel that's a little bit different and make sure your eyes aren't fixed on the ground!

Here's your taxi to Angelwing!

Skin - Antaciara in Betta from The Plastik
Shape - Bern from Shaekup
Hair - Veronique from Exile (group gift - check subscribo history)

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